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About Dan


Dan Harlow's life basically revolves around dogs and his passion for animals has been ingrained in him since he was a child.  Not only did Dan grow up with an Akita, Dalmatian, and Black Lab, but he also has owned many other pets such as cats, rabbits, rats, hamsters, reptiles, tarantulas and fish. While Dan's friends were attending a traditional summer camp, Dan was attending a dog training summer camp!

Currently, Dan has spent more than 4500 hours supervising groups of 30+ dogs at Canine Mastery, a dog training center and doggy daycare located in Seekonk MA. He has been mentored by many highly knowledgeable dog trainers and has even assisted in dog training classes at Canine Mastery. Dan has attended several seminars, read books, and has taken classes on topics such as canine body language, clicker training, obedience training, group play, trick training and dog on dog aggression.

Dan spends his free time training with his two Australian Shepherds, Storm and Kei. Some of the activities he does with them consist of trick training, agility training, tracking training , rally obedience, and Frisbee. He also enjoys training shelter dogs and is currently working with one named Milah (pictured on the homepage). 12/1/10

Dan training his 3 month old puppy, Storm.