Kathy Buckley - Owner of Canine Mastery


We almost hate to reveal this for selfish reasons, but everyone should know how pleased we are to have Dan available to care for the dogs in our life. We travel many weekends with 3 of our dogs needing care for the 14 year old Golden Retriever at home. Having Dan available to stay at our home is such a relief. The old boy needs so much special attention and we know and trust that he gets that and more during Dan's visits. Plus the added benefit of having the house lived in.

On the special occasion we sneak away "dogless", all the dogs are well cared for and happy. We are thrilled to have found someone we can trust to take care of our "animal kids" the way we want them to be cared for.

Dan has worked with us at Canine Mastery for the past 3 years. We have always admired his interaction with the dogs in daycare and training. It is because of his experience and knowledge that we even thought of using his services. We do not hesitate to recommend Dan to our clients.

Thanks Dan!

Kathy Buckley 
Rehoboth, MA
owner Canine Mastery
Seekonk, MA


Krystal G.


If you need someone to help out while you work, Dan is a great option. My two and a half year old Aussie, Jaxon, is about as excited to see Dan as he is to see his mama and dad! Jax is our baby, and while leaving him is hard, it's so much easier when you have reliable care. Jaxon comes back from his hikes exhausted, which is really important for such a high energy dog. We really appreciate Dan and Dog Treks and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help.



Denise J.


We love Dan and Jenny - I know when I leave Blitz and Angie in their care that it's as good as leaving them with us!  They always add a little something special with Blitz on his "treks" and have even been known to talk to Angie (18 yr old kitty) during their visits!  We truly love them for taking such great care of our family!!


Jason B


Dan and Jenny took over sitting my pups after a very strange incident with the last person I had to let go.  When they showed up at my door, they were captivated with Parker and Hubbell and offered up treats.  On short notice, they agreed to stay at my home so I could take an impromptu trip for a long weekend.  They are very communicative, sending photos and texts to keep you updated.  Imagine my surprise when I got a text the day before Halloween..saying there was a gift in the fridge for the pups.  Homemeade, all natural dog treats!  They really go above and beyond and I trust them in my home and with my two dogs, without hesitation.  They give the dogs exercise and loves, and they clean up too!  I can't recommend them enough!


Michelle L


If you are looking for someone to care for and/or walk your dog(s), you need look no further than Dan Harlow!  I have known Dan for approximately 3 years and cannot say enough good things about him or recommend him more highly!

I first met Dan when my dogs started attending daycare at Canine Mastery where he works.  I was always impressed by Dan's interaction with my dogs and his gentle, yet firm manner with which he handled them.  My dogs are like my children (truly) and I have never left them with anyone (never vacationed because I never found anyone I was comfortable leaving them with).  Last summer I began looking for someone to care for them as I was scheduled for knee surgery in November.  I could not have been happier when I learned Dan did dog sitting!!
In November I became ill and my surgery was postponed.  The first week in December I unexpectedly ended up in the hospital, called Dan, and asked him if he could stay with my 2 dogs, his response "Of course". I was so upset at being hospitalized without it being planned, that I forgot to tell him I also have a 16 year old cat he would have to care for.  Dan, being the outstanding professional that he is never said a word about it or charged me more; he just took on the added responsibility and took great care of my cat as well as the dogs!    I was hospitalized a little over a week and was so comforted knowing my dogs were in there own home with someone I KNEW was taking good care of them!  I was home about 2 weeks and then back to the hospital.  It was 3 or 4 days before Christmas and I literally called Dan from the back on the ambulance in a panic asking him if he could go THAT night and stay with the dogs, I told him I had no idea how long I would be gone, Dan's response was again, "Of course".  I ended up being in the hospital for 49 days!  Dan stayed at my house with  my dogs the entire time, even took them to daycare 2 days a week.  I cannot put into words how important it was to me to know my dogs were with Dan AND in their own home.  While I missed them terribly, I never ONCE worried about them!  I knew Dan was caring for them as he does his own dogs.  
Not only did Dan agree to come with literally no notice, (understanding the urgency of the situation), he stayed at my house through the holidays.  Not only did I know my dogs were being loved, cared for AND attended to, I had the added benefit of someone staying in my home while I was gone for so long!   Dan went FAR above and beyond when he took it upon himself to arrange with a friend of mine and the hospital to bring them in for a visit one night, and I was in Boston!  He and Jenny came in one night with my two dogs, my friend brought me outside in a wheelchair and there they were!  I don't think anything has ever made me so happy!  That was such an amazing self-less gesture!  I couldn't believe it!  To me, that speaks volumes about the kind of person Dan Harlow is, and how much he understands the true bonds people have with their dogs.  That they are not pets but members of our families!
My first couple of months home from the hospital I could not drive so I used Dan's "pet taxi" service to get them to and from daycare and the groomer.  I still cannot walk them so Dan comes and takes them on "Dog Treks", they always come back happy and tired!!  Dan is responsible, reliable, has never once been late, he is kind and considerate and I cannot say enough good things about him!

If you would like to speak to me personally, you can get my contact info from Dan.  I am more than happy to talk about how wonderful he is!  Any dog that is cared for by Dan is a lucky dog!

Michelle Ludwig